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Top Free Blogging Site 2017 - Dremnews

Nowadays Blogging became a fashion for the new generation & it get popularity in the last in the last few years. By the grace of blogging a man can show creative writing, hobby & start personal small business. Many people got  much popularity whole around the world by the world. They are popular for their creative work. You can start such a blogging site by which you will be a popular person in the world as well as your world. You think that you have no money to open such a blogging site... Stop... There are many free blogging site in the Web. They will give you free Sub-domain & Hosting for the life time. If you think you will have a self-Hosted you can take it any time. The most interesting matter is that, one day you can earn Money by your site if it get popularity in the world.

Now you think which platform give Free blogging service then which will be a better platform for you??

First, I ensure you that there are many free blogging site in the web & each of them has some special feature. After reviewing all the feature you can select your platform.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in web as well as world. It provide more then 60 million blogging site & it used about 27.3% of top 10 million website. Now you are clear about the popularity of WordPress. WordPress offer free & Premium website. If you want a free website just go & fill up the necessary step to complete it. It features,
  • Can use Custom Domain
  • Many free blogging Theme
  • All maintenance is taken care for you : Backup, Security & Upgrade

 One of the problem for free WordPress Site is that the free hosting is limited & it if you want to increase it you will need to be Self-host which require a Anual fees. But the features of WordPress is very easy then other blogging platform. The free blogging site is shown like

2. Blogger

Blogger is the another most popular blogging site in the web owned by google. About 200 million public blog existence under blogger. Blogger got popularity because it is very easy & comfortable for the new users. It offer many free theme for the new users & all the themes are mobile friendly & support small screen. Blogger Post-edit tool is also easy for the new users which is less similar to Wordpress. By its dashboard you can control it & also see your visitor from country wise, Daily, weekly & Monthly Basis. If you use google adsense you also get your income status. The features od Blogger are ;
  • Easy to setup
  • No need to know custom code
  • Free templates & design
The most important features of blogger is unlimited hosting for life-time Because of google ownership it is powerful platform in the web.

3. Wix

Wix, free blog

Wix is also a popular blogging platform which is a cloud-based web development platform & support HTML5. It is very easy to use because of its Drag & Drop tools. For a free site Wix give you 500 MB Storage & 1GB Bandwidth. If you want to use custom domain then you have take premium Account. 
When You open an account in Wix, select blog from the category. Then Wix Artificial Design Intelligence ask you a series of simple question, By your reply they will build a site for you. This is simpler then WordPress & Blogger so the new users can easily make their own site.
Another important feature of Wix is choice of picture. You can choice your picture from your Hard drive, Free Image from Wix, Social Media Etc.

4. Weebly

weebly, free blog

Weebly is also a popular Free Blogging Platform, a web hosting service provide Drag and Drop website building just similar to Wix. Weebly got much popularity within a few years because of its some unique features. The report of Time magazine Weebly is listed amongest the 50 website. When you open an website in you will picka simple temple for your website & select various types of content for your site, such as Social Media Link, Text, Image, Map & section of code. I think it will be a easily system for the new users. Weebly provide 500 MB Storage for the free users. The problem is that the new users cannot fulfill their requirement by by free blogging in this site & Wix which you can do in Blogger.

5. Thumblr

Thumblr is a micro blogging site built with the combination of WordPress & twitter. Thumblr will be the easiest way for the new users who want to start a free blogging site. The most important features of Thumblr is that Thumblr is focused on community of blogger so it provide various option of sharing. Thumblr does not focus on only Text content but also Image & GIF.
Thumblr user can start and post their Blog from anywhere & any device such a Mobile, Tab & by Email. It Features,

  • Custom Domain.
  • Got Shared Traffic From Thumblr
  • Post From your mobile device, email & Computer.
There are many free blogging site on the web, here I gave you only 05 popular platform. Some others are given below :

6. Yola
9. Medium

10. LiveJournal

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