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World Top Most Beautiful Female celebrities - Dremnews

There are many female celebrities around the world & they comes from different field. Some of them are Actress, Singers, Model & Athlete etc. They amuse us by their entertainment & most of them take place in our heart by their Beauty, Glamour & sexy Figure. Here I have shown some of the most beautiful Female Celebrities around the World.

List of Most Beautiful Female Celebrities :

10. Kim Kardashian :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Kim Kardashian is another Sexy & Beautiful women in the world known as a American Model, Actress,  TV Presenter & Business Woman. Kim became Sexiest Women in the world by her Attractive Butt, Body Shape & mysterious Eyes. Kim is the sexiest women proves by  more then 10 million Instagram followers. Kim is one of the top ten celebrates in Instagram in 2016. Kim is also a successful business women & she  has released many product by her name. In 2015 Time Magazine include Kim as 100 Most Influential People. Kim born 21 October 1980 at Lost Angeles, California,  U.S. 

09. Priyanka Chopra :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Priyanka Chopra is another Hollywood actress, Singer, Film Producer, Model & Winner of Miss Universe 2000 was born 18 July 1982. Priyanka is one of the highest paid Actress in Bollywood and also worked on Hollywood. Recent year Priyanka release some Music Video where she was the playback Singer & established herself as a successful singer. Priyanka won National Film Award, Film Fair Award & many others. Time Magazine listed her name as one of 100 Influential people in the world. Priyanka has a charming look, sexy figure for which she became a beautiful women in the world.

08: Scarlett Johansson :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Scarlett Johansson is an American Actress, Singer & Model who is considered as modern Sex-Symbol because she appeared on many published list in the world as Sexiest a women. Johansson is one of the most expensive actress in Hollywood because she rolled on some high grossing movie. From the report of 2016 Johansson is highest grossing actress in North America. Johansson born on 22 November 1984 in New York City. She started her career by her debut movie Fantasy Comedy in 1984. Her blockbuster movies are Iron Man 2 Avengers, Captain America, Jungle Book, Goat in the Shell. 

07. Deepika Padukone  :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Deepika Padukone is the highest paid actress in Bollywood & one of the top beautiful women in the world. Deepika Started her career in Bollywood with Shahruk Khan in the movie Om Shanti Om & got much popularity within a short time. Her successful movies are Cocktail, Chennai Express, Bajirao Mastani, Happy New Year.  Deepika's debut movie in Hollywood is " XXX" which was the highest Grossing movie in 2017 in Hollywood. Deepika was born on 5 January 1986. In her film Career she won several Film Fair Award & many other award. Her slim figure, mysterious smile, glamour make her as a sexiest women in the world.

06. Emma Stone:

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Emma Stone is the young sexy Actress born on 6  November 1988. Emma was the highest-paid actresses in 2015 & won many award such as Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award & Screen Actors Guild Award. Her most Successful Movie was "Amazing Spider Man".  Her attractive Eyes, graceful smile & pretty face make her outstanding among her Contemporaries. 

05. Emma Roberts :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Emma Roberts is an American Singer, Actress & well known female celebrate in the world. Emma was born on 10 Feb 1991 in New York, America. She release her debut Album "Unfabulous And More" in 2005. She appeared on many movies Wild Child, Valentine's day, Kind Of a Funny Story, Lymelife, Adult World, The Billionaire's club. Her Movie "Nerve" gave her mach fame because was hit movie in Box-Office

04. Adriana Lima :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian Model & Actress born on 12 June 1981 in salvador, Brazil. Adriana is one of the top & highest paid model in the  world & took 2nd & 3rd Place of highest paid model in 2012 & 1014. Forbes listed her name one of the top earning model. Now she is the Brand-ambassador of Desigual, A Barcelona Based Clothing Brand, Beachwear Collection of Italian Calzedonia & Sportmax.  

03. Selena Gomez :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Selena Gomez is American Singer, Actress, Executive Producer, Fashion Designer, is Ranked one of the top Sexy Women in the world. Selena started her career as a singer & become popular at her teenage. She wins the heart of the people by her famous Album like Kiss & Tell, A Year Without Rain, When the Sun Goes Down & So many. Selena awarded ALMA Award,  Billboards Women in Music, MTV Video Music Award, People Choice Award, Young Hollywood Award & Teen Choice Award. Because of her creative knowledge she worked on various Film, Television Show. 

02. Salma Hayek :

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Most of the people around the world know well about Salma Hayek who is a Mexican & American Actress, Producer & Model, born on 2 September 1966. Hayek started her career by starring Telenovela Teresa & A Film Miracle Alley. Later she move to Hollywood. Where she got much fame & popularity by her attractive body figure & acting Skills. Her Breakthrough role was in Frida & because of it she was nominated for Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe Award. Her Successful Movies are Dogma, In The Time Of The Butterflies, Wild Wild West, Lonely Hearts, Puss In Boots, Grown Ups ll & Many More.

01. Jennifer Lawrence : 

Female Celebrate, Hot actress, Hot Model, World hot girl

Jennifer Lawrence is take the top place of this short list, an American Actress, born on 15 August 1990. Jennifer is the top Paid actress in the world whose movie has grossed 5.5 Billion worldwide. At the age of 14 she move to Los Angel & work as a guest role in Television show. Her First Movie was Garden party. Then she act on many Blockbuster movies which were successful around the world, They are , X-Men series, American Hustle, The hunger Game, Passenger, Mother, Red Sparrow & So many. Forbes listed Lawrence name Forbes 100 Celebrates & She appeared in 100 most influential people in the world.

We know there are also many female celebrates, but we include only 10 of them. If you know more about us pls, inform us by commenting. 
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Top Chinese Actress who Are Crushed For Male - Dreamnews

China Is one of leading country in the world for any field in the world. The people of China are very industrious & as a result they became successful around the globe. China is also popular for entertainment & take an important place in Hollywood & Their actress are popular around the would. Chinese Actress & Model got much popularity for their Sexy Body Figure ,Healthy Hair. These beautiful actress can Compete with the rest of the world for their glamour & creativity in entertainment. Here we are going to describe some of them who are the Dreamy & Crushed for any man.

List Of Sexy & Hot Chinese Actress :

09. Zhang Ziyi :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

Zhang Ziyi is well known one of four Dan actress in China, popular as  a sexy & hottest actress in the world. Ziyi was born in Beijing,China on 9 February 1979. Before her first debut movie "The Road Home" in 1999 she got training in dance & drama. By the chance of The Road Home, she attracted many people by her glamour & act. Some of her movie got much popularity around the world & she was awarded for her work. Her best movies are Hero, Rush Hour 2, House of Flying Dragon.

08. Lui Yifei :

Lui Yifei is one of most beautiful & sexy actress in Chinese Movie born on 25 August 1987 in Wuhan, Hubei. Her birth name was An Feng & original name Lui Ximeizi who has duel nationality as a Chinese & American. Lui Yifei is also popular as a singer & Model. When she was 11 years old she move to America with her mother & in 2002 she has returned to Beijing. Lui's debut work was The Story of a Noble Family, A television programme which got highest rating on CCTV. By this she got much popularity in audience. Later she acted on some movies which got much popularity in the whole world Such as The Forbidden Kingdom, For Love or Money, The Third Way of Life, The assassins, The Four ll, The Four lll, Once Upon a Time, The Chinese Widow etc. Lui Yifei received Best actress Award from 5Th Macau Intentional Movie Festival. 

07. Li Chi-ling :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

Li Chi-ling is one of the top sexy & highest earning actress in Chinese Film Industry. Li Chi-ling, a Taiwanese actress & model born on 29 November 1974. Li Chi-ling started her career as a model & later she was appeared on many TVC on many countries. With her attractive glamour she offered for Film & her debut film Red Cliff directed by John Woo. Her successful movies are The Magic Astar, The Treasure Hunter, Moon Lover, The Monkey King 3. 

06. Wang Likun :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

Wang Likun is another sexy & hot actress in China & born on 22 March 1985 in Inner Mongolia, China. Wang Likun is popular for Chinese TV Series. She acted on some famous TV Series in China. They are Seven Swordsmen, Beauty's Rival in Palace, Beijing Youth, Miss Assassins. She appeared on some movies in china, They are Ex-Flies, Somewhere Only we KnowWang Likun received China TV Drama Award, Beijing TV Drama Award, 9th Asia FIlm Award for her role on TVS.

05. Shu Qi :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

Shu Qi is a known as Soft-porn Taiwanese actress & Model born on 16 April 1976 in Xiandian District, Taiwan. Shu Qi is the highest paid actress in china. Shu Qi started  her film career from Hong kong & roled on some Catagory lll movies such as Sex & Zen 2.The most popular film of Shu Qi are, The Transporter, The Foliage, Journey To The West, Forest of death, City Under Seize, The Village of No Return, The adventures. Shu Qi won Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. Beside it Shu Qi work on many TVC also ambassador of many notable Brand in World wide.

04. Gao Yuanyuan :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

Gao Yuanyuan is another top rated sexy actress also known as "National Goddess" in china film industry for her tall body, sexy figure & acting skills. Gao born on 5th October 1979 in China.Goa has no background education on media but started her career as Television Commercial. Later she comes on the spot line on some director & as a result she got a chance on her debut film Spicy Love Soup. Later she roles on more then dozens Movies : Beijing Bicycle, Shanghai dreams, spring Subway, City Of Life & Death, Caught In The Web, Blind Detective, lets Get Married. She also acted on some TV drama. Gao Yuanyuan received 11th Golden Phonix Award, 18th Chunyan Award, 52nd Grand Bell Awards.

03. Li Bingning :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

One of the hottest, sexy actress is Li Bingning is popular for some of movies which were the blockbuster in worldwide. Seventeen Years, A World Without Thives, The Knot, the Forbidden Kingdom, Waiting Alone etc. Li Bingning was born on 27 February 1973 in Wuchang, China. Li want to be School Teacher in her future but after completing her graduation & with the support of her friend she joined Shanghai Theater Academy.She started her film career acting in a romance film The Knot in 2006. Later she acted on many chinese movies & Hollywood movies. She Cast on Hollywood film Resident Evil:Retribution, Transformers : Age Of Extinction. For her acting skill she was awarded Golden Phonix Award, 46th Golden Horse Award, 4th Asian Film Award. 

02. Zheng Shuang :

Zheng Shuang is one of the highest paid sexy & Beautiful actress & Singer in China, born on 22 August 1991. In her early age she got fame by acting in her debut film Meteor Shower. Zheng completed her graduation from Beijing Film Academy in 2011. Her successive film are Secret History of Princess Taiping, Swords Of Legends, The four, The Cage Of Love, Rush To The Dead Summer, My Story for youZheng Shuang becoming the youngest who Nominated for Audience's Favourite Actress at the China TV Golden Eagle Award & won 13th,19th Hauding Awards.

01.  Fan Bingbing :

Chinese Actress, China Hot actress, Sexy Actress, Top actress & Model,

Fan Bingbing is the top actress in this list who the most beautiful, sexy, highest paid actress, Singer & Fashion icon in china. Bingbing got much popularity by Tv Series My Fair Princess & become a popular actress by her starring in the movie Cell Phone, a highest-grossing movie in china film of the year. Then she appeared on many TV series & Movies. Her popular movies are, The Matrimony, Lost in Beijing, Buddha Mountain, Double Xposure. She received many prestigious awards many time like, Hundreds Flowers Award, 44th Golden Horse Award, 3rd, 9th, 15th & 17th Haurding Award, 11th Asia Film Award. Fan is not only a successful actress but also Successful Producer & Pop Singer.

There are many successful actress in china. However here I show you short list of them. If you have another actress are better from this list, Pls reply your Valued comment. 

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Top Free Blogging Site 2017 - Dremnews

Nowadays Blogging became a fashion for the new generation & it get popularity in the last in the last few years. By the grace of blogging a man can show creative writing, hobby & start personal small business. Many people got  much popularity whole around the world by the world. They are popular for their creative work. You can start such a blogging site by which you will be a popular person in the world as well as your world. You think that you have no money to open such a blogging site... Stop... There are many free blogging site in the Web. They will give you free Sub-domain & Hosting for the life time. If you think you will have a self-Hosted you can take it any time. The most interesting matter is that, one day you can earn Money by your site if it get popularity in the world.

Now you think which platform give Free blogging service then which will be a better platform for you??

First, I ensure you that there are many free blogging site in the web & each of them has some special feature. After reviewing all the feature you can select your platform.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in web as well as world. It provide more then 60 million blogging site & it used about 27.3% of top 10 million website. Now you are clear about the popularity of WordPress. WordPress offer free & Premium website. If you want a free website just go & fill up the necessary step to complete it. It features,
  • Can use Custom Domain
  • Many free blogging Theme
  • All maintenance is taken care for you : Backup, Security & Upgrade

 One of the problem for free WordPress Site is that the free hosting is limited & it if you want to increase it you will need to be Self-host which require a Anual fees. But the features of WordPress is very easy then other blogging platform. The free blogging site is shown like

2. Blogger

Blogger is the another most popular blogging site in the web owned by google. About 200 million public blog existence under blogger. Blogger got popularity because it is very easy & comfortable for the new users. It offer many free theme for the new users & all the themes are mobile friendly & support small screen. Blogger Post-edit tool is also easy for the new users which is less similar to Wordpress. By its dashboard you can control it & also see your visitor from country wise, Daily, weekly & Monthly Basis. If you use google adsense you also get your income status. The features od Blogger are ;
  • Easy to setup
  • No need to know custom code
  • Free templates & design
The most important features of blogger is unlimited hosting for life-time Because of google ownership it is powerful platform in the web.

3. Wix

Wix, free blog

Wix is also a popular blogging platform which is a cloud-based web development platform & support HTML5. It is very easy to use because of its Drag & Drop tools. For a free site Wix give you 500 MB Storage & 1GB Bandwidth. If you want to use custom domain then you have take premium Account. 
When You open an account in Wix, select blog from the category. Then Wix Artificial Design Intelligence ask you a series of simple question, By your reply they will build a site for you. This is simpler then WordPress & Blogger so the new users can easily make their own site.
Another important feature of Wix is choice of picture. You can choice your picture from your Hard drive, Free Image from Wix, Social Media Etc.

4. Weebly

weebly, free blog

Weebly is also a popular Free Blogging Platform, a web hosting service provide Drag and Drop website building just similar to Wix. Weebly got much popularity within a few years because of its some unique features. The report of Time magazine Weebly is listed amongest the 50 website. When you open an website in you will picka simple temple for your website & select various types of content for your site, such as Social Media Link, Text, Image, Map & section of code. I think it will be a easily system for the new users. Weebly provide 500 MB Storage for the free users. The problem is that the new users cannot fulfill their requirement by by free blogging in this site & Wix which you can do in Blogger.

5. Thumblr

Thumblr is a micro blogging site built with the combination of WordPress & twitter. Thumblr will be the easiest way for the new users who want to start a free blogging site. The most important features of Thumblr is that Thumblr is focused on community of blogger so it provide various option of sharing. Thumblr does not focus on only Text content but also Image & GIF.
Thumblr user can start and post their Blog from anywhere & any device such a Mobile, Tab & by Email. It Features,

  • Custom Domain.
  • Got Shared Traffic From Thumblr
  • Post From your mobile device, email & Computer.
There are many free blogging site on the web, here I gave you only 05 popular platform. Some others are given below :

6. Yola
9. Medium

10. LiveJournal
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Bd Model Naila Nayem Career & her Biography - Dreamnews

Naila Nayeem is the popular and sexy ramp model in Bangladesh born on 14 December 1995 . Although she is a Dentist but she wins the heart of young generation all around the world. She grown up as a village girl in her native district Barisal. She  has passed S.S.C and H.S.C in her local school and college. But she always dream to be a super model in Bangladesh along with world.
Her parents wants that Naila will be a Doctor in her future so that her father admitted her Dhaka City  Dental college to be a Dentist. She completed her course and become a dental surgent. She started her career as a ramp model and working on TV programme.  When her first drama  “Ghat Babu Nitai Candra” in 2013 she comes at the center front of the audience.

bd model Naila Nayem, Bd hot model.

Naila was an ambitious girl that why she turn a nasty girl.   She took some sexy and half nude photo that is why she was criticized by Bangladeshi people. Naila is a popular in bd Facebook. Most of the young generation always follow her. Not only boys follow her, Girls also follow her. 

bd model Naila Nayem, Bd hot model.

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BD Actress NUSRAT FARHIA'S Career & Her Biography - Dreamnews

NUSRAT FARIA, one of the lucky RJ, Model, TV Presenter & Actress in Bangladesh was born on 8th September 1993. Her home district is Bikrampasa, Chittagong  but now she is living at Mirpur, Dhaka with her parents and younger two sister and one brother. In her early life she studied at Dhaka Cantonment because her Grandfather was an Army Officer. She was a brilliant student in her early life that why she got A Plus in S.S.C when she was a Student of Shahid Bir Uttam Lieutenant Anwar school. She also gained Golden A+ in H.S.C from Uttara Rajuk College. Now she is a student of Business Graduate (BBA) student in AIUB, Dhaka.

Nusrat Faria hot, Bd Actress. Bd Model

Nusrat started her career on BTV as a debater of  debate show and that year she gained "Best Speaker Award". As a good speaker she started her career as a RJ and worked on Night Shift with Nusrat Faria (2013-2014) and Love Buds (2015).  With the popularity of RJ she works on some TV programmes, Lux Style Check (2014), Late Night Coffee (2015), Fair and Handsome: The Ultimate Man (2014). 

The turning point of his life was come when she got a chance in Tollywood as an Actress against Onkus in the flim  "Aashiqui" . The movie created a history on Tollywood and the audience receive the movie with great pleasure. Now she is an popuplar in the south Asia. Because of his unique act on Aashiqui, she got a chance in Bollywood against Imran Hasmi. Crowds are now very interesting to see Imran And Faria's Romance.

Nusrat Faria hot, Bd Actress. Bd Model

Nusrat is very careful About her Beauty and Fitness so that she always take care of her skin and take exercise regularly.
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Malayalam Actress Vhavana's Hot Photos & Body Figure - Dreamnews

Vhavana, One of the cute Actress & Model of Malayalam acted on many movies of Malayalam, Tamil & Telegu Movies. Her real name is Karthica Menon but she is popular in the name of Vhavana. She was born on 6th June 1986 at Thrissure, Kerela , India. She is the only daughter of Assistant cinematographer G.Balachandran and Puspa. Vhavana passed her school life from Holy Family Girl's High School. Her only brother Jayadev lived at Vancouver, Canada. 

 Malayalam actress, Vhavana

Join with Vhavana by social Media Site :

From the childhood Vhavana wanted to be Actress in the Hindi Flim. As a result she got a chance in a Malayalam movie Nammal at the age of 16 where she act against Siddharth, Jisnu. She got much popularity in Malayalam because it was a successful movie of Vhavana. She got much offer from many directors that year. For her best acting in Nammal she won Special Jury Award For Best Actress-2002. In her Malayalam film career she has acted with most of the Actors.

 Malayalam actress, Vhavana

Being a successful actress in Malayalam Actress Vhavana got offer in Tamil & Telegu Movies. Her first Tamil film was Chithiram Pesuthadi, which was a blockbuster movie in Tamil Film Industry. In several time she appeared in many times but she refuse most of the film because of tight schedule. She appeared in the Kannada film in 2010 by the film Jackie against Puneeth Rajkumer. She got much response in Kannada movie & later acted on many kannada movie.

Sometimes she got offer to start against Imraan Hashmi, Amitabh Bchchan in Bollywood. She won Film Fair Award South In 2006 for Best Actress in the movie Chithiram Pesuthadi. 

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Facebook ID & Hot Photos of Samantha Ruth Prabhu - Dremnews

Connect With Samantha Ruth Prabhu :

South indian Acress & Model, Samantha Ruth  Prabhu
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Samantha Ruth Prabhu is known as a Golden Leg Actress in Tamil & Telegu film industry currently. She wins the heart of the young generation by her glamour and act. She is considered to be a first class actress in Tollywood. Most of her movies hits the Box office & they are mostly big budget movies. 

Samantha was born on 28th April 1987 in Cennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Samantha passed her her early life with her parents & 2 elder brother at Cennai. Her Mother Ninette Prabhu, a Malayali woman & Father Prabhu. Samantha passed Secondary Certificate at Holy Angels Anglo Indian Higher Secondary High School. After She admitted at Stella Maris College, Chennai & Passed Undergraduate Degree on Business Studies. Then she build her career as a Model & Actress. 
South Indian Actress,Samantha Ruth  Prabhu

From the early age Samantha was interested on modeling. She worked as a part-time model from her college life. By her modelling she attract the attention of many Film Director. Her Debut movie was Ye Maaya Chesave,  a romantic movie in Telegu, directed by Gautham Menon. The movie was very important for Samantha's Film Career because she won Filmfare Award For Best Debut Actress. Later she got many offer from Telegu & Tamil film Industry. Samantha is the first actress who wins the Filmfare from Tamil & Telegu Film. From 2010 she acted on more then 30 films in Tamil & Telegu Language. Rumor said that Samantha will start her Bollywood journey as soon as possible. Because she got some offer to act in Bollywood movies.

The prominent movies of Samantha are;Dookudu(2012), Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu(2012),  Attarintiki Daredi (2013), Kaththi (2014), Theri(2016), 24(2016) & many others.Samantha wins Three Filmfair & many others award for her creative & successful acting.Beside a successful Actress Samantha is a prominent Brand Ambassador of many brand & Products.

Details Of Samantha Ruth Prabhu :

South Indian Actress,Samantha Ruth  Prabhu

Full Name : Samanta Ruth Prabhu

Date Of Birth : 28 April 1987

Father :  Prabhu

Mother : Ninette Prabhu

Siblings : David & Jonathan Prabhu

Height  : 5 Feet 6 Inch

Body Measurement : 34-26-36

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Hot Jacqueline Fernandez Biography, Hot HD Photos & FB, Twitter ID - Dreamnews

Connect with Jacqueline By Social Media To Get Update :

Hot Jacqueline Fernandez Biography, Indian hot actress & moel

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Jacqueline is a most hot & sexy actress in Bollywood Film Industry, who was a Sri Lankan former model, TV presenter & Actress, Winner of Miss Universe Sri Lanka, 2006.

Jacqueline was born on 11 August 1985 in Manama, Bahrain. Jacqueline father Elroy, is a Sri Lankan & Mother Kim, is Malaysian. Jacqueline  Grew up childhood in Bahrain with her elder siblings. She was the younger daughter of her family. From her school life she worked with Television Shows. So she wanted to build her career in media. After completing her Bahrain education she admitted in University Of Sidney, Australia where she got a degree on Mass Communication. Then she shifted to Sri Lanka & Worked as Television Reporter.

Jacqueline imagined to be a movie star like Bollywood & Hollyhood. Beside a TV reporter she accept some offer from Modeling Industry & by this result she won the Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2006 & represent her country in World Miss Universe Competition 2006 in Los Angels. Her debut movie was Aladin Directed by Barry John. For this movie she he wins the IIFA Award for Star Debut of the Year She comes in the spot lite by Murder 2, a psychological movie directed movie Mahesh Bhatt against Imraan Hashmi. Later she acted against the fisrt class Actor in Bollywood like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumer, Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham. Her Movie KICK  with Salman Khan is one of the highest grossing movie in Bollywood all time. However Race 2, Houseful 2, Housefull 3, Roy, Dishoom were the commercial successful movie in Bollywood.

 hot indian actress, sexy model, Jacqueline Fernandez hot photos

Now Jacqueline is the first the class & Successful actress in Bollywood. She wins many Award such as IIFA Award, Stardust Award, Screen Award in her film career. Jacqueline is very sensitive about her personal news but we got some of news of her personal life. Jacqueline started dating with Bahrain Prince Hasem Bin Rashid from 2008 & separated in 2011. Later she build a relationship Sajid khan, while acting on Houseful movie. This relation broken up in 2013.
Details of Jacqueline :

Full Name : Jacqueline Fernandez

Date Of Birth : 11 August 1985

Father :  Elroy

Mother : Kim

Height  : 5 Feet 7 Inch

Body Measurement : 34-24-35
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Sohel Rana

Top Sexiest And Hottest Actress in Bollywood - Dreamnews

Bollywood film industry is one of the most popular Industry around the world since many years. From this industry India is popular to many country & behind this there are many artist, Actor, actress to develop this industry. Mainly Bollywood Actress keep an important role to attract the audience by their Glamour, Sexy & Hottest Look. Now I will introduce you with the some top Actress In Bollywood Film Industry.

7. Amy Jackson:

Amy Jackson, Sexy, Hotti Actress

Amy Louise Jackson is one of the Sexy & Hottest actress in Bollywood who was born in Britain. She Started her career with modeling at the age of 16 & won MISS TEEN WORLD in 2009. She was first attracted by Tamil Director A L Vijay & roled in some Tamil & Telegu Film. She was first appeared in Bollywood film romanti drama "Ek Dewana Tha". She made her an successful actress with glamour. Her Most important movie was "Sing Is Bling" aginst Akshay Kumar in 2015.

6. Zareen khan : 

Zerin khan, Indian Hot Actress, sexy Model

Now a days Zareen Khan is consider to be a sexy Boom in Bollywood film industry. Recently she acted some Item song & Movies where she appeared as sexy & Hottest. Zareen khan was born 14 May 1987 in Mumbai, India. From her early life she wanted to be a Doctor But with a good luck she wins the favor of Salman Khan who choose her as main role Actress for hi Movie "VEER". From then now she establish her as successful & sexy actress in Bollywood. 

 5. Tamannaah Bhatia: 

 Hot Tamannaah , Sexy indian actress, model
 Tamannaah Batia is a successful Actress, Model & Brand Ambassador mostly prominent in Tamil Film But now a day she take an important place Bollywood with her charming Smile & attractive figure. Tamannaah was born 21 Dec 1989 in Mumbai. Her First Three movies were commercially flop. But she could not back & continued her work. Day By day she wins the heart of the audience by her act. Her Big successful movie was "Bahubali" 7 from it she earn much fame. From the recent year she appeared in the Bollywood film & acted as a successful actress. Tamannah is consider to be another sexy actress in Bollywood.

4. Nargis Fakhri:

 Hot Nargis Fakhri, sexy Indian Actress

Nargis Fakhri is an successful Actress for Hot & Sexy act who is formally an American Model & Actress was born in Queens, New York in 20 Octber 1979. But Nargis is got success in Bollywood film industry with the Dramatic Movie "Rockstar" with Ranveer kapoor. After thet she appeared in many movies of Bollywood where she showed her brave Hot & sexy Sean. She also appeared in some Item song with sexy scean. 

3. Anushka Sharma:

Anuska, sexy Indian Actress

Anushka Sharma is the one of the top successful highest paid Actress, Moodel & Producer in Bollywood Film Industry was born in Ayodhya , Uttar Pradesh on 1St May 1988. Anuskha Started her Debut movie with Shahruk Khan in the Movie " Rab Ne Bana Da Jodi" was a romantic love story Movie. Anushka wins the heart of the audience by her acting. Later she acted on many movie in hindi against salman Khan, Amir khan & most of the were success in Box-Office.

2. Deepika Padukone:

 Hot Deepika i, sexy Indian Actress

 Deepika is one of the highest Paid Actress, Model, Brand promoter in Bollywood. Now a day she consider to be a sexy a Hot Actress in Bollywood. She as born on 5 January 1986 at Copenhegan, Denmark. Deppika is successful in most of her movie & acted as a leading character. She started her Debut Movie Kannada movie But in 2007 she acted in the Hindi film "Om Santi Om" which was the blockbuster movie in Hindi Film against Sharuk Khan. After that  till now she is the continuing her career as a successfull actress. 

1. Katrina Kaif:

 Hot Katrina, sexy Indian Actress

Katrina is the most popular actress in Indian by Media & also Highest paid Actress, model. Formally katrina is British Film Actress,Model was born in Hong Kong 16 July 1983. Katrina worked in many Hindi movie & some of the movies were Highest Grossing Bollywood Film of All time. She acted against Sharuk Khan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan Who are the top Actor of Bollywood Film & Katrina got success to with them. Katrina attract the young generation by her Glamour & She is consider the one of the top Sexy Actress in Bollywood Film.
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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sohel Rana

World Most Largest & Beautiful Shopping Complex-Dreamnews

It is difficult to find someone who are not interested to shopping. Everyday Millions of people goes to their favorite shopping mall to buy something to fulfill their fashion & requirement. But everyday we want something different and wanted to but something on the top rated shopping Mall. There are many people who loves shopping and visit many country for shopping. for shopping love people many country made some unique & fabulous shopping mall. If you want to know the largest and gorgeous shopping mall around the world. Largest shopping mall includes, shopping center, Cine flex, restaurant, Gym, Large Car Parking & many others for entertain their customers. 

7.SM Mega Mall :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

SM Mega Mall is the second largest Shopping mall in Philippine and opened in June 1991. The total area of the is about 3.6 Million sq feet. The Mall was build by two building and connect by a bridge. About 8 million people visit this mall & its capacity is about 4 million. The Six stored building featured Cinema, A Bowling Alley, Food Corner, Toy Kingdom & 500 retail shops. Now the building is under constructed Building C- Carpark, Building D- The Mega Fashion Hall.

6. West Edmonton Mall :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

West Edmund Mall situated in Edmonton, Canada. It is the largest shopping mall in North America & tenth largest in the world with the Dubai mall by gross Leasable area. The West Edmonton mall was the largest shopping mall in the world till 2004 which was opening 15 Sept 1981. The Edmonton Mall is the extra ordinary shopping mall because it has 800 shops but it has world largest indoor amusement park, world largest Indoor Roller Coaster, world Larger indoor Lake, Largest indoor Water Parking with 20000+ space. The Total area of Edmonton Mall is 3.77 million Square Feet and it attract 32 million visitors per years.

5. The Dubai Mall :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world by total area. But it is the 10th largest shopping mall by gross leasable Mall. The Dubai Mall situated at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Mall is the Most visited building in the world, visited 60 million people every year. The Dubai Mall opened at 4th November, 2008. It includes 1200 shops, 250 Rooms Luxury Hotel, 22 Cinema Screen. 120 Restaurant & Cafe. It has 3 car parks where 14000 car can parking. The most attractive thing is its underwater zoo which is the largest acquarium in the world.

4. SM Mall of Asia :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

SM Mall Of Asia is the 4th largest shopping mall in the Philipine and 11th largest in the world. It situated near the SM Central Business Park, Philiine. The approx area is about 4,06,962 Square Meter. SM Mall is an attractive Mall in Philipine and is proved by about 2,00,000 visitor per day. The owner of the shopping mall is Henry SY and this mall include 600 shops 217 dining. The main Attraction of this is the IMAX Theater with one of the Largest 3D Screen. It also includes a Olympic Size Ice-Sketching Ring.

3. Central World :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

Central World is the largest Shopping Complex and plaza in Bankok as well as one of the largest in the world. The Owner of the Shopping mall is Central Pattara. The area is about 5,50,000 Square meter. The Seven Stored building includes 495 stores, Hotel & Office tower, The important feature of this shopping mall is its architecture. Altoom & Poter Architect took three years to design the shopping mall. 

2. Golden  Resource Shopping Mall :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

Golden  Resource Shopping Mall was open October 2004 and that time it was the largest shopping mall in the world. The total area is about 5,60,000 Square Meter. This six floor Shopping Mall situated near the forth king road at Beijing, China. Now Golden  Resource Shopping Mall is the second largest Shopping mall after South China Mall in Dongguan was completed.

1. New South China Mall :

Largest Shopping Complex, Mega mall, Luxuries Shopping mall

New South China Mall  is the largest Shopping Mall in the world founded in 2005. This world largest shopping Mall is situated in Dongguan China. the total area of South China Mall is about 6,60,000 square meter. It has seven zone modded with International nation, Cities & Region including Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Egypt, The Caribbean, & California. The nick name of this mall is Goast Mall. The mall has Indore-Outdoor Roller Coaster. 
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